A meditative visual music VR experience in a hand-drawn landscape of ancient bristlecone pine trees, sculpted organic matter, and transmuted earthy-electro sounds; get lost in an interactive sacred space.



idesia is a neo-soul, electronic band based in Los Angeles, fronted by singer Sophie Dimitroff and produced by Daniel Oldham, Brandon Combs, and Colton Toy.  idesia’s latest single “Ain’t Over” (2017) was created in collaboration with visual artist Kelsey Boncato, the music video has screened in festivals internationally.  Songs “Nu” and “April Love” from their album Golden Dreams (2015) have been featured in Spotify playlists Discover Weekly, Feminist Friday, and I Love My Neo-Soul.

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The curious, explorative style of Kelady (pronounced /ke lä dē/) forms a constellation of worldly influences strung together with cheeky irreverence. Experimenting with multi-instrumentalist and producer Danyo, the duo projects a balance of sound and culture, as the American-Pinay artist carves a path for herself with incisive lyrics and a mellow demeanor against gritty rhythms. With roots in Southern California, Kelady is based in Los Angeles.

Eastman / Avra

Nike / Jordan Defy

Prudential / Action Gap

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He’s A Pirate

A world-influenced cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song with guest Israeli percussionist Daniel Feldman.
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Los Angeles-based composer, producer, bassist, and sound designer Daniel Oldham draws on inspiration and sounds from around the world. He is a producer and songwriter with electronic soul band Idesia, Filipino dancehall duo Kelady, and singer-songwriter Raena Jade. His work in advertising includes custom music for Nike, Google, and Alaska Air campaigns. Oldham’s multimedia work–interactive and environmental music and sound design–is highlighted throughout Warner Bros. World, Abu Dhabi and Lionsgate Entertainment World, China in addition to his recent collaboration with visual artist Kelsey Boncato, on their experimental visual music VR experience, FOREST (2019).